Dwarf Coconut Nursery

From our dwarf coconut nursery we collect and germinate dwarf coconut seed year round and endeavor to keep our complete range available. We are based in Tropical North Queensland, Australia

Coconut seed germination nursery

Coconut seed germination nursery

We sell polybagged seedlings directly to nurseries with pick ups or deliveries arranged. We post struck nuts and seedlings bare rooted anywhere (except WA). We send seed nuts anywhere in Australia with no guarantee of germination. For larger orders we use bus freight. Generally our varieties are capable of flowering in their third year in moist tropical conditions. With first fruits in the 4th year. Due to irregularity of germination rates. We may not be able to supply your entire order at once but will wait list your preferences.

malay dwarf grove

Golden Malay dwarf grove


Due to the risks associated with introducing coconut pathogens to existing commercial coconut regions, we do not currently export seedlings or seed nuts……